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The Wolf Pack

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We produce stories that entertain, inspire, and challenge the way you see the world.

Creative Wolf Productions is a full-service production company, a tight-knit team of creatives and storytellers here to guide you from concept to distribution, working with budgets both big and small.

These days, anyone can pick up a camera, hit record, and add one more video to the endless scroll of content found online, but not everyone can tell a cohesive and compelling story that truly gets through to its audience. Here at Creative Wolf Productions, we can.

Our award-winning team takes a hands-on approach to filmmaking, guiding our clients through every step of the process, and ensuring that they get to tell the story they want to tell.

We spend our spare time perfecting our craft, telling our own stories and collaborating with other artists. Whether we are working on commercials, music videos, short films, features, or TV pilots, we are always striving to create entertaining and meaningful content.

Creative Wolf Productions empowers artists to tell their stories through captivating visuals and advanced techniques, inspiring profound emotion in their audience.


Tell Your Story

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If you are a business, find out how we can help you in this era of social media and digital content. We have won multiple awards for commercials we have worked on. And would be more than happy to sit down with you and create a package that allows you to effectively promote your business or product.


If you are a filmmaker, dancer or other artist looking to collaborate with us, please give us a howl. We are always looking to make new friends and help support our fellow artists. In this day and age, you no longer have to take the traditional route to have your work seen. A strong community and a steady following can open just as many doors as having the right backing, agent or studio behind you, and we want to help build that community and that following. As artists, we have the power to lift each other up.

Music Videos

If you are a musician, Feel free to reach out about our docu-series or to send us a sample of your work. We have a passion for music and would love to continue collaborating with musicians on award-winning music videos. Music Videos are a great way to gain recognition and to grow your audience.

Contact Us For A Quote

We look forward to hearing from you, welcoming you into the wolf pack, and continuing to produce stories that entertain, inspire, and challenge the way you see the world.

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